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Variety is the spice of life, as they say…and if you’re Devour Catering, you know all too well as one of Calgary’s leading caterers, that you need versatility in the catering business to accommodate a host of different style of events…and a plenty of different “bouches to amuse”!

Join us in celebrating the variety of vegan delights created by Devour Catering from our Know Meat Patty…whether it’s very scaleable hand-pressed Know Meat sliders for a large Stampede luncheon your planning or if you want to introduce peace in the Middle East by preparing some Know Meat falafel, or if feeling Greek, just break down our patties into smaller Know Meat Balls and add them to a bowl with some tzatziki for some healthy Mediterranean teasers to your special milestone event.

For caterers and party hosts everywhere, you now can serve whatever your crowds want with the Know Meat Patty!

If you’re a restaurant or catering company in Canada looking to provide healthier options to your customers, we’re available for order with GFS, Sysco and Pratts. Order today!

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