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After owning and running a late-night martini bar called Mortal Coil for years in Calgary Alberta, which allowed me to golf in the mornings and listen to my style of music freely at night, I never thought I would be running a gluten free, vegan food company.

Long ago, I ate whatever was in front of me and did the same with things to drink. Around the year 2000 my Celiac started, basically for 10 years I got worse and worse…and worse…then, more and more sick.

Realizing that it was Celiac and discovering that I could eat food without getting sick and coming from a restaurant background, was how we came up with People Food. We opened in 2010 and about 6 years in we decided to focus on just a couple of products: Our Eh Pizza Crusto pizza crust and our veggie burger patty, the Know Meat Patty. Because really these are my favourite foods.

We take great pride in the ingredients we use, 17 to be exact. We don’t cut any corners, and both products are very difficult to make. The result though is an amazing veggie patty that can be used in so many different ways and a pizza crust that really holds up to heavy toppings.

Our products are a regular part of my diet and I’m so proud to be able to offer you that same good healthy food!

I don’t sell what I can’t eat.

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