Our People

Brent Boeckx

Currently lives mere feet from where he was born. Tried, failed and learned many things throughout my tenure on earth. People Food™ is very personal to me as my health depended on it. I really wanted to create food that you could eat everyday without any negative consequences. I wanted to make food that you would not worry about “what’s in it?” when you eat it. I would be most happy if everyone in Canada ate People Food™ food.

Linda Nainaar

A vegan, gluten free, step mom-ish to one cat. Enjoys the indoors, animals and all kinds of whodunnits. Not great in front of groups, cameras or microphones. More of a people watcher than a people person. Happiest being resourceful and efficient. Finds planning therapeutic and organizing fun. Being behind the scenes brings out her best.

Cat Stevens

An apartment dwelling, rule roosting, indoor pretty kitty who likes to be left alone, while constantly seeking attention. She acts tough but has never felt the need to prove her urban prowess by leaving her digs in anything less than a soft, safe and secure carrying case. It’s enough that she knows that we know that she’s tough. She is the real reason Linda is 100% vegan and why Brent gets ready early enough to have enough time to play with her before he leaves the house.


A 4’ 11″ powerhouse. Flo likes to fly under the radar. An artist who frequents the theatre, Flo is well versed in current events, a news junkie and knows her way around a spreadsheet or two. She is the money!