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The kids always call me their “backer” but through time, I think of myself more as a believer…mostly because they made me a believer.  And, because of that, they back ME, by everything THEY do for our health.

I guess that’s what they call “The Flo!”

All I know is, that whenever I saw my son Brent go through hell with his health for years. No matter what he ate, it never mattered, whatever I made him, he just would get sick, from everything. It was very hard.

Once it was determined that Celiac Disease was the culprit, we brought years of turmoil into healing together. And, when Brent and Linda created People Food, not only did his health change, but so did mine.

I was found to be borderline diabetic and by changing my diet and learning more about food, my health and well-being improved significantly. I didn’t think it could change by something as simple as adjusting my diet, but it was that simple.

I guess what I always told him while he was growing up was true after all:

Eat your Veggies!!

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