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As that other Cat used to sing, “It’s hard to get by just upon a smile,” on most days I wake up smiling and go to speak to my long-haired employee and consequently paw her face until she wakes up.

I will do that for hours if need be and not get tired of doing that, ever. It’s almost a challenge to stop. Until she finally gets up and feeds me anyway.

My long-haired employee feeds me whenever I ask her and I’ve trained her to clean up after me too. I can sit where I want, lie where I want. I constantly change my mind about the food that either of them give me.

Right now I have more in common with the short hair employee as they cut my hair off to keep me cool in the summer they say – I call it cat spa day because they trim my nails too.

And speaking of Cat, in his own words, “I know we’ve come a long way, we’re changing from day to day, but where do the children play-hey-hey-hey…” And where do we grow-oh-oh-oh our food if there’s no more places to play-hey-hey-hey…/?

Let’s get our paws into that and think more of where our food comes from shall we. Especially now, hello, long-haired employee…lunch? Oh and there she is, purfect…

And if you want to sing out, sing out…

Some interesting facts about me Cats Stevens:

  • I can jump up to six times my height
  • I have a total of 18 toes
  • There are over 500 million of us this wild world.
  • I sleep for around 13 – 16 hours a day, for 70% of my life
  • One year of human life equals 15 years of my life
  • If I never walk on the floor I’m happy
  • Purring means I’m content and it’s one way I can communicate
  • I can run up to 30mph (however, it’s hard in the apartment)!
  • I’m most happy if you pet me with your eyes!
  • They think I silently judge them, and they’re right!


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