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Hi, how are you? My name is brent boeckx. I’m the owner of people food. I suffer from celiac disease. When I say suffer, I mean really suffer. I was tired of being sick from simply eating food. Obviously, I couldn’t tolerate gluten, but my body was also rejecting preservatives, chemicals, and fillers in processed foods. My choices were limited, people. I just wanted to find real food, eat it and not get sick. It sounds simple enough but turned out to be decidedly difficult.


In October of 2010 my wife Linda and I were two months away from opening the doors of people food. We were about to open a fresh food store, of sorts. It was to include a kitchen with take-away meals, a bake shop offering everything from bread and cakes to cookies & crackers. Our concept was based on real, whole, come from the ground, food; however, it was not gluten free.


Our retail side included fresh organic vegetables, including; tomatoes, peppers, kale, carrots, potatoes, and the like. The cuts of beef we offered came from grass finished, local, small, cattle farms. Our chicken was free-range and all of our suppliers were in place.


Exactly at this time, we discovered I had celiac disease. First of all, I thought gluten was mostly about bread and pasta. I was wrong. So, again, two months before we opened, we had to completely change everything, while keeping true to our original concept based on real, whole, come from the ground, food. Well, that was a challenge. But, challenge or not, there was no way we could produce or sell food that I couldn’t even eat. At that point we knew that I couldn’t be the only one. Everyone seemed to have some reason to see the pharmacist on a regular basis; headache, stomach problems, heartburn, rashes, whatever the ailment, there was a pill.


The more I researched gluten, the more I realized that, not only is there confusion about celiac disease itself, I was hard pressed to find any real food that was gluten free.

Every label I read consisted of things I couldn’t pronounce and was pretty sure wasn’t from any food group. At that point I knew we had an opportunity to feed people real food. Despite the fact that we were cooks and not chemists, I was confident we could produce food made from food. Little did I know that this would turn out to be an original concept in the gluten-free world.


Our task was to use the highest quality, cleanest, road less traveled, product we could find. Again, it was a challenge. During my research I also discovered that when produce is packaged and shipped, there are 5 or more pesticides that have been applied to most foods. There are also herbicides and waxes (among various other things I can’t pronounce), that are put on food to help keep it looking fresh during transport.


The most commonly used pesticides are: Glyphosate, Atrazine, Chlorpyrifos, Metolaclor, and Metam Sodium. What people don’t know is that by cleaning food with tap water, the food acts like a sponge, so you’re also adding chlorine and anything else that’s in your tap water. I didn’t know that either, but I knew then, why I was still getting sick. My celiac disease was so advanced and my small intestine was so damaged that my body could no longer tolerate impurities of any kind. So, I learned I had to clean my food better. For me what works is using filtered water and eating real food.