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oh sure, there was a time when we made many many things.  but like a good mayor in Toronto, things have to change.  We currently make three things: lama bar family.   ehpizza crusto.    know meat patties.


The LAMA BAR Family are a happy family of four heath bars (lama, bananaLama, Snoopy, Lucy, Lama & sweet dolly Lama) that we have made for you.


lama bar family. click here to read the ingredients and nutritional information


The Lama bars were created for people to eat on golf courses, the name comes from the movie Caddyshack (which i’m realizing is a very old movie as most people look at me like i have six heads when i explain the name) Carl Spackler is explaining to a caddy that he once caddied for the Dali Lama, who hits the golf ball surprisingly far.  There is an ex pro golfer from the Calgary region who goes by the name “Lama” he apparently hits the ball well over 350 yards – i’m not saying that everyone who eats these bars will hit the golf ball well over 300 yards – but scientifically, there must be some correlation.  I wanted something that would hold me over on the golf course – being celiac, that is a hard thing to find.  These bars are for your face to eat.  It is compromised of food.  there are no syrups, pastes or fillers.  It is gluten free, (celiac friendly), Caesin free, and Vegan.  A couple of these and you will be just fine on the golf course for five hours.   Let’s say you don’t golf – as luck would have it, you can still eat them and they will still make you feel great.  The lama bar is Bill Murray’s favorite bar! He hasn’t ever had one, and i doubt i will ever meet him, but this country was built on dreams and that is mine.

the beginning of lama bars


a lama bar at Muirfield
lama bar at Turnberry
lama bar Royal Prestwick


bananaLama bar:


the bananaLama bar is wee jane’s favorite! It’s filled with organic bananas, callebaut chocolate, cranberries and seeds.  There are NO NUTS in this bar.  We did this for a number of reasons, primarily, so it’s possible to have your children bring a very healthy snack to school.  Ahh, back in the day there were just no allergies like there are today – Jason Prefontaine used to be allergic to peanuts when we were in elementary school he was the only one – for all we knew, he could have been an American.  Now, you can’t swing a cat by the tail for fear of hitting a child with an allergy – for all we know it may be the cat that the child is allergic to.    Although we use nuts in some of our products, we are extremely careful to keep the bananaLama nut free!

this bananaLama bar is gluten free, (celiac friendly) casein free, vegan  and nut free.


sweet dolly Lama:


the sweet dolly lama is linda’s favorite! “It’s like potato chips and cookies: crunchy, salty, sweet – it’s the best combination” These are linda’s exact words!  i had her words translated from South African to Canadian. Most of our time spent at home consists of linda and jane debating over whose favorite bar is better.  So far they have agreed to disagree.  The sweet dolly lama is the only lama bar that is not casein free and vegan, there is some butter in there in order for us to make the caramel.

sweet dolly lama. a salty, sweet mixture.


*Snoopy, Lucy, Lama:     *contains peanuts.


As you can imagine, brent needed a favorite bar as well and that is where the *Snoopy, Lucy, Lama.  *contains peanuts. comes into play. This is like an EAT MORE kind of chocolate bar.  “i can’t remember what life was like before Snoopy, Lucy, Lama bars – i remember it wasn’t as good: the colours didn’t have the same vibrancy, birds hardly sang, it seemed to rain all the time.” -taken from Vanity Fair’s interview with brent boeckx that will appear in Octember of this year.  As far as gluten free (celiac friendly) bars go, or bars of any kind i believe these bars are superior, seriously, these things are the bomb. The *Snoopy, Lucy, Lama *contains peanuts is Gluten free, (celiac friendly) Casein free and Vegan.

*Snoopy, Lucy, Lama *contains peanuts. This peanut buttery bar is monumental. Gluten free (celiac friendly), Casein free, Vegan.
grocery stores:

Market 17

 Bite Groceteria

Sandra’s Original

Sunnyside market

Willow Natural Foods

Bridgeland Market (they don’t have a website, but take it from me, Yousef is really great. He tries, he cares, and he is cool.  Yousef is trying to make everything around him better.  I highly recommend this market!)



WithOut Papers


 Beer Revolution 

Dairy Lane 

Blue Star diner 

Bros Dough

The ship and anchor

Cucina 500

Murdoch’s bar and grill

Inglewood drive inn

Red’s in Ramsey

The Loop

Foothills Hospital. (There’s not really a link to the hospital regarding the restaurants and cafes, and rightly so. The last thing the hospital would need is for YELP to come down there and give them a crappy review, then no one would ever go to a hospital). We sincerely hope you are never at the Foothills hospital, however, if you are, you will find our bars in all of their cafeterias.


coffee shops

Higher Ground cafe 

Bumpy’s Cafe

Little Monday Cafe

Golf Courses:


Elbow Springs Golf club

Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club

Willow Park Golf and Country Club

Bearspaw Golf and Country Club

Lynx Ridge Golf and Country Club


health and wellness:

Full Circle Chriopractic

HealthFare Restaurant in Westside Rec Center




So there you have it, you can now access our food from so many places.


ehpizza crusto ingredientsPIZZA CRUST:
the pizza crust was the first item we made that was Gluten free (celiac friendly), Casein Free and Vegan.  This was really the start of where we went as far as making the majority of our products GF (celiac friendly), CF, Vegan.  We are very pleased with our crust, pleased with the minimum ingredients, pleased with the taste and pleased with how it will make you feel.

pizza crust photo provided by the MetLife Blimp
a fine pizza we made with our GF (CF), CF, Vegan crusts!


three of our pizzas from With Out Papers pizza
some pizzas from Wopizza in lovely Ingelwood




chocolate moose pie


Mr. U and the infamous peanut butter pie
pie family
some of the pies we make for Dairy Lane Cafe and Blue Star Diner
pie family 2
some more pies we have done for Dairy Lane Cafe and Blue Star Diner. – that was the first time they had chocolate peanut butter
This is really great of you to put the ingredients of all your food, but what about the famous pizza crusts that are literally all over the city, what are the ingredients of pizza crust as I would love to rip those off and make them as well.The pizza crusts are so simple to make, a child of 3 could make them.  I highly encourage you to try to make them – easy and fun, that’s what I would call it.  The ingredients are: organic brown rice flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, yeast, kangen water, cider vinegar, olive oil, xanthan gum, salt,  pepper and cane sugar.

Your pizza crusts are the best pizza crusts ever!!!    How do I cook them?

Again, another brilliant question!

  • Our crusts work best if you put all the toppings on your frozen crust (make sure the sauce is cold going on the crust so the crust doesn’t get gummy).
  •  Place the crust on the rack or a pizza pan (the rack will make the crust crispier than the pan) in your oven at 375 for around  10- 12 minutes.  Some ovens may take up to 16 minutes – this doesn’t make your oven any less of an oven, it just makes it a bit old.
  • personally, i cook them for 12 min at 375 and then broil them for 3 min. they come out like a masterpiece.
  • Please note that this is quite a thin crust, you may like it more crispy, you may like it more soft – you may need to experiment until you find your happy crust time.

(pizza crust, not actual size)

phil pizza
bocconcini cheese, roma tomatoes, cilantro pizza.

What are the ingredients to your Lama bar?

they are: celiac friendly only oats, organic almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, organic flax seed, hemp hearts, salba, acorn squash, honey, cinnamon, salt and vanilla.

Why on earth did you call them Lama bars?

Not only is jane an avid golfer, she loves the movie Caddyshack – what better tribute than to make a treat she can eat on the golf course and reference the movie all in one?

When i golf, i like to eat something that is really satisfying and that is a hard thing being a Celiac. I also like having something to eat that takes a while to eat, the Lama bars fit all the criteria.  Also, I have always referenced that movie, as most older golfers do, so that is why they are named that.  Eat one, see if it tastes like anything you’re used to – I bet it doesn’t.    Big hitter the Lama. Long.





Why are you making some of your products Casein Free?  How does Casein affect people suffering from Autism?

Most humans are unaware of the opioid effect of food on the brain – gluten or casein (or any/all milk proteins and milk sugar) – and unaware of the effect of food on the body in general – sugar, starches, carbs, artificial additives, and on and on.  The population has been conditioned to take a pill rather than make change.  We realized that there were few alternatives out there that were Casein free.  Also, the cleaner we can make our food, the cleaner we will make it.   Our pizza crusts and know meat burgers are GF CF and Vegan.  We created some products that can be made into many meals and can give you many options.


When I am shopping for groceries, every label that I read I never see the word gluten.  How am I to avoid something that doesn’t even appear?

-brilliant question- i can’t believe the excellent questions that are asked on this page.   understand that one will never see the word GLUTEN in anything.    what you need to avoid is wheat, wheat flour, artificial colour, artificial flavour, modified (anything).     think of it like anything that has a long shelf life is probably not real, you people need to avoid un-real food.     also, you can consult

This is really great of you to put the ingredients of all your food, but what about the famous pizza crusts that are literally all over the city, what are the ingredients of pizza crust as I would love to rip those off and make them as well.

the pizza crusts are so simple to make, a child of 3 could make them.  i highly encourage you to try to make them – easy and fun, that’s what i would call it.    the ingredients are:organic brown rice flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, yeast, kangen water, cider vinegar, canola oil, xanthan gum, salt and cane sugar.

Whoa, hold the phone, are you telling me that your pizza crusts are Gluten and Casein free?

once again, the people asking these questions are like Einstein bright.   yes, the crusts are Gluten and Casein free.    in fact, they are Vegan as well.

Your pizza crusts are the best pizza crusts ever!!!   How do I cook them?

 again, another brilliant question!   our crusts work best if you put all the toppings on your frozen crust (make sure the sauce is cold going on the crust so the crust doesn’t get gummy).   place the crust in a pan or place the crust on the rack in your oven (a rack will make your crust more crispy than the pan) at 375 for 8-12 minutes.  some ovens may take up to 15 minutes – this doesn’t make your oven any less of an oven, it just makes it a bit old.   personally, i bake them for 10 minutes at 375 and then broil them for 3 minutes.



What are the ingredients in your pies?

Chocolate moose Pie:  chocolate center: cream, organic milk, sugar, corn starch, callebaut chocolate, free range eggs, butter, vanilla. Crust: organic brown rice flour, corn starch, coco, butter, organic milk, free range eggs, salt.

Peanut Butter Pie: peanut butter, icing sugar, cream cheese, organic milk, callebaut chocolate, whipped cream and salt. Crust: organic brown rice flour, corn starch, cocoa, butter, cane sugar and salt.

Wow, those pies sound amazing, how come I can’t find any of your pies anywhere??

Yeah, they sure were. Well, some time ago my August 2013 post : THERE IS AN END TO 3.14 that one. I wrote about why we stopped making Pies, plus by finding the article I wrote on August 2013 it will show off your computer navigational skills and then everyone feels like a winner!

Are there any new things that you are working on?

Always. Currently we are working on being kinder people.


Do you have a menu?

nope, Oh sure, we used to, but no one ever came in.  Linda and I would play crib and name that tune back when we would wait and wait for no one to show up.  We are no longer a store that people can come to, you are more than happy to come by, but we have nothing for sale.  We strictly wholesale to restaurants, grocery stores and various  other places.  You merely have to call us at 403.457.1985 or email me at and we can see what we can do.

is the whole store really gluten free?

that’s correct.  gluten has never passed through these doors nor has it ever touched any of the equipment.  however, we would like that to be incidental to the fact that it’s good food made from the best ingredients–for everyone.

why is this food such a big deal to you?  It’s just food?

It’s a big deal because i have eyes and a memory.  These problems were never around when I was young.  People in their 30’s -50’s are getting heart disease and very ill from the packaged food that is out there.  If they can survive that then they have to deal with the long lasting effect of processed food which is Alzheimers.  We continue to change what we do because we keep learning and we keep trying to improve ourselves and the food that we make for people.




what does fhq stand for?

frequently heard questions.

what has more dignity: a moth or a centipede?


what if the girl just realized, at the beginning of the movie, that her best friend was who should she should ultimately be with?

has that ever happened in a movie?

who wins in a fight: sasquatch, yeti or centaur?

who do you think?  who do you think?

several years back i purchased a pair of x-ray glasses from an archie comic book and they don’t work.  why?

make sure the blue lens is on your right eye.