our food: ingredients, instructions


tell me about  the know meat patty? 

It goes by the name Neil. we decided to make a GF (celiac friendly) veggie burger, then we decided to make it Casein Free to help all those who can not digest Casein, or those suffering from Autism, ADD or ADHD.   Then we decided to make it Vegan as there are at least four people living in Canada that are confirmed Vegans.  As luck would have it, there are few to none veggie burgers that are GF (CF), CF and Vegan.  This is one of our best achievements in food.  The know meat takes us two days to create.  there are 17 ingredients: green lentils, brown rice, yellow split peas, squash, green onions, yellow onions, carrots, organic sunflower seeds, tapioca starch, organic flax seed, sesame seeds, salt, garlic, ginger,  curry spice, pepper and lemon juice.  as you can read, everything is real and you should hopefully have an idea what each product is, if you don’t, don’t worry, simply eat it, and feel better.

how do i cook the know meat patty?

For best results, cook from frozen in a non stick skillet over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes each side.   they should not be cooked on a BBQ, they may fall apart as it is made from food.

crumbled know meat patty on top brown rice, scallions, shredded carrots and sesame seeds.