the know meat patty

Hi, how are you?  I’m Brent.  My wife, Linda, and I started people food about 6 years ago.  Thanks for visiting our webpage.  We have created a gluten free, casein free, vegan, nut free, soy free, veggie burger that we call a know meat patty.

Welcome to the know meat revolution!  For those who have followed us, thanks!  For those that are new to us, welcome to people food.  We used to make hundreds of items; everything from breads, soups, entrees, desserts, pies, cookies, cakes – the whole enchiladas, (which we also made).  We’ve tried making almost every kind of gluten free food that exists, in the five years we have been open.  In fact, we used to be open for retail, and on good days we had up to 6 people that would shop in the store.  Just for grins, if you’re bored, you can read all about what we used to do in the archive section of the webpage.

Combined, Linda and I have almost 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry.  I was born in Calgary and have been lucky enough to be a restaurant owner in this city, more than once.  After a few years of people food “retail” under our belts, we asked other restaurant owners, what their customers are asking needed as far as gluten free goes.  Shayne who owns Dairy Lane, Blue Star Diner and Cannibale told us that a gluten free veggie burger would be a Godsend.  From that point Linda started creating the know meat patty.  She made the know meat patties based on her mother’s vegetable biryani dish that she used to make for her, growing up.  The patties are creations of Linda’s past that she remembers with fondness and love – as she is from South Africa, the curry used, is a 100 year old family recipe.  It is quite unlike any seasoning that most Canadians have tasted.  It is full of flavor that doesn’t overpower the patty with heat.

people food started by concentrating on gluten free food only, as we found that alone was a big enough learning curve. However, we decided to stop making any products with dairy, based on where our original kitchen was situated. We were right beside Quest school.  Quest is a school for children that suffer from the autistic spectrum.

We learned how damaging casein is to those who suffer and we felt we had the power and frankly the duty, to make a change.  As we are in charge of making people food, we can decide to make EVERYTHING WITHOUT CASEIN. We used to make food that I personally missed or that I craved or wanted to eat.  I quickly learned that we should start listening to other people.  When we listened, we learned that there is a new breed of customers today – they’re sick, they’re vocal, they want to be heard and people food wanted to address these issues. This new breed has dietary restrictions. This customer reads food labels and asks where does the food come from?  Clean eating is not going away.  Humans and animals should be able to ingest clean water and safe food.  It’s a moral obligation we have to one another and there’s simply no argument for the right way to be.

Our goal is to produce the best tasting nutritionally sound, food around (gluten free or not). We believe we have created that with our know meat patty.

The know meat patty is successful because it meets the needs of customers who not only suffer from allergies, but also those who are just looking for a healthier option.  Even though the increased intolerance to food we used to eat, without incident, it’s hard to keep up with but at people food, it’s our business to know.

We’ve learned that the allergy ridden child of today is the new restaurant customer of tomorrow and we all have to adapt. Our know meat patty has been selling successfully in Calgary restaurants and grocery stores for over a year  and has won best veggie burger in the city and the demand has dramatically increased.



Our know meat patties are incredibly versatile and each Chef creates a unique burger based on the specific feel of the space.  From one restaurant to the next, the patties are as unique as the chefs who work with them.  A veggie burger is quite time consuming and labour intensive for most restaurants, therefore our know meat patties are:

  • Unique and delicious
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Celiac friendly (free of wheat, rye and barley)
  • Vegan
  • Casein free (free of dairy)
  • Soy free
  • Nut free
  • Diabetic friendly (more fibre than sugar)
  • Nutritionally sound
  • Made in Calgary
  • Produced in a HACCP certified facility

more information including nutritional information on the know meat patty here: People Food Poster


We were also lucky to learn that if your company is going to grow, and if you are not HACCP certified, you will have an impossible time getting your product outside of your Province.  The thing is, we want to get our product outside of the Province, we want to get our know meat patties across the nation and the globe. We want people to eat this healthy patty.  In a perfect world, we want the know meat patties to be the go-to food for people – it only makes sense with the name of our company and what not.

We are really proud to be working with a co-packer that is extremely clean, keeps up with demand, and is HACCP certified.  Currently, our distributors are Sysco; GFS and Pratts. So, if you’re at all interested in serving people food know meat patties in your restaurant, café, or drive-thru:

a)      contact your rep at SyscoGFS or Pratts

b)      just give Brent or Linda a call at people food 403-457-1985

Some places that sell our know meat patties:

Dairy Lane

Blue Star Diner

Ship and Anchor



Toque (Banff)

Murdochs Bar and Grill

Clive Burger

Flippin Burgers

Foothills Hospital 

RockyView Hospital

Children’s Hospital

Peter Lougheed Hospital

Atlantic Trap & Gill Pub

Dicken’s Pub

Full Circle Pi

Beer Revolution

Brewster’s Pubs

Getto Boys Burgers and Ribs


Bennys Breakfast Bar

The Last Defense Lounge


Inglewood drive inn

Sunnyside Natural Market

As always, thanks for eating, and thanks for reading.




This is the first info I wrote about the know meat patties.  It was back when we had our space and we were always taking photos.

know meat ingredients

KNOW MEAT PATTIES: the know meat patties are kind of our crowning achievement: it’s perfect food.  the know meat patty is staggeringly healthy.  It is comprised of all food.   It takes us two days to create them, there is much soaking, much roasting, much love that goes into these little critters.  Each patty is 4 oz, there are no fillers, no chemicals, just food.  The know meat is incredibly versatile, you can eat it as a burger with our oneder d’oh, you can have it on it’s own, it is a great side dish, it is a great meal.  The know meat patty is a perfect food for a cleanse – fully prepared, all you have to do is cook one up. The know meat is Gluten free  (celiac friendly), CASEIN FREE, VEGAN. 

Mr. U shows some civilians how know meat patties begin. -“interesting, XL packers refused to show us their plant” one of the onlookers was heard saying

know meat patty: topped with some shredded lettuce and tomatoes

know meat patty topped with an egg – it’s a great breakfast!!

know meat patty over spinach

know meat patty topped with mushrooms.