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Happy New Year!  My sincere apologies for not writing more. One of my resolutions this year is to write more blog posts… and to break 100 on the golf course.

Today, I wanted to write about Brewsters and Beer Revolution, they are an awesome company and we are so happy to be affiliated with them.

In 2012, I received a phone call regarding our newly created GF pizza crust. The call was from Mark Jekschtat who is the executive chef at Brewsters. He told me that Brewsters and specifically Beer Revolution was looking into getting a gluten free pizza crust for their restaurant and wanted to give ours a try. Our ehpizza crusto was just created and we were thrilled!

Mark came by (I think he was impressed by my good looks and state of the art facility that was the people food kitchen) and told me that they were sampling a whack of GF crusts. He phoned us in a week and told us that the ehpizza crusto won the taste test!  That was in 2012. Their first order was for 20 crustos. Since working with the Brwesters group we’ve noticed that very few people leave.  We see Mark and Dennis and the same kitchen crew that was pretty much there at the beginning. WE LOVE WORKING WITH BREWSTERS.  They are a super cutting edge company and extremely progressive and bright in how they think. They seriously concern themselves with giving their clientele the best of what they can find. Ask around town, or ask someone who works for the company and there will be a good story.

The relationship between us built over time and the respect I have for the company grew and grew.  Soon, Linda and I were making ehpizza crustos for Beer Revolution in both Calgary and Edmonton.  They are a dream company! In fact, we would make crustos and Dennis would often drive them up to Edmonton!  At this time, our know meat patties were really taking off and we couldn’t keep up with the orders. We found a co-packer for the patties and started production. We soon realized, we couldn’t afford to keep our production kitchen open as well as paying for a co-packer. We had to sell our space – it’s the only way we could keep our company going. Tragically, we were unable to find a co-packer for the crustos. We told Brewsters (specifically Mark and Dennis) that we would be unable to make the ehpizza crustos in the future. They were both worried that they wouldn’t be able to find the same quality of GF  crust as they had with the ehpizza crustos. So, because we liked them so much, we showed Mark and Dennis how to make them. They learned first-hand how hard/tricky/laborious/kind of annoying gluten free is to get right. Eventually, they told us that they couldn’t continue as they literally didn’t have the time to do their jobs and make the crustos. For the record, we saw some of the crustos that Mark and Dennis produced and they looked really great!

Then Mark mentioned that if we were ever able to land a distributor, they would take our product in a heartbeat. Well, it took us about 2 years but, we were able to bring our ehpizza crustos back into production!!!  We met with Mark and Dennis, told them that the know meat patties and the ehpizza crustos were back in production; and GFS can deliver our product to all their locations across Alberta. True to form, they started to bring in our product to ALL their restaurants. What a treat to have a company literally DO WHAT THEY SAY. Again, WE LOVE BREWSTERS!

Now, if you go into any Brewsters or Beer Revolution(s) you can substitute ANY burger with a know meat patty. And as of the end of November, ALL Brewsters will have the GF ehpizza crusto as a GF substitute to their regular pizzas. Beer Revolution has the ehpizza crustos already and I’m telling you, if you haven’t had a Beer Revolution pizza, you really should they are incredibly delicious!

We honestly can’t thank the Brewsters group enough. They have been nothing but wonderful and it is a real treat to be affiliated with such a fantastic, kind, cool company.

The Armin on a gluten free ehpizza crusto available at both Beer Revolution(s) in Calgary and Edmonton:

look at how great this pizza looks!

look at how great this pizza looks!


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