Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals. Oh, we got our know meat patties in Hospitals!

Hi ya people!


I feel like it has been quite a long time since I posted something.  I am going to change that! You will see more posts from myself or Linda as the time ticks on.

When we started as a company, we used to be an open retail store selling lots of different products that we made.  From the beginning we had customers that would tell us how they wished that they could get our food when they were either at a hospital or when they were visiting someone at a hospital.  Linda and I would ponder the possibilities of having our food in a hospital – we would ponder it like we would ponder winning the lottery.

My father has suffered from several strokes and when they occurred, he was a patient at the Foothills Hospital. It made sense to try the Foothills first as  I was there for months. For a stint of time, it felt like my second home.

Lots had to happen: we had to invent the know meat patty. We had to prove how good it was via restaurants. We had to get signed by places like Sysco and GFS.  Check, check and check. We started contacting the Foothills hospital and by some fluke we met Colin Porter of AHS fame.  We told Colin that we believed that not only did we have a great product, but we felt that if you have a great product that it SHOULD BE showcased in places like hospitals.  Great food that is great for you should be in hospitals first and foremost – Colin agreed with that and also was happy that we were all local.  Colin tried our product with a whack of other managers at the different hospitals and then BAMMM!  The know meat patties were brought in.

Our know meat patties can be found at the Foothills, Lougheed, Rocky View and The Children’s Hospital!  Believe me, we could not be happier!  This is hopefully the beginning!  We are in talks with Edmonton and are trying to do the same thing with all the Edmonton Hospitals as we did here in Calgary!

We sincerely thank you as always for eating the know meat patty!  In fact, we even made up a poster for the hospitals!   People Food Poster

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