I twitter met Jennifer Esposito!!! @JennifersWayJE

Holy Moly it’s been months.

I’ve since read Jennifer Esposito’s  book (Jennifer’s Way) and tweeted to her that the book was great; she tweeted a message back to me. I’m no scientist, but I twitter met Jennifer Esposito! Reading that book reminded me about how sick I used to be and how crazy I used to feel.

Much has changed for people food. We sold our space,  Sysco signed us, and they have been great so far! Because they are wide-reaching, we were able to call our dear friends at @WeAreBrewsters  and told them WE ARE WITH SYSCO!!  Within weeks of that call, they were good enough to bring our know meat patties to Edmonton. Now,  Edmontonians have their first taste of the know meat patties! Have you noticed how well the Oilers and Eskimos are doing?? What can’t the know meat do??

Linda and I were also fortunate enough to have met with Mr. Colin Porter at the Foothills Hospital. We feel that the standard for  healthy food should be offered at a hospital. He listened, they tried the know meat patty, loved it and are launching it in their cafeterias this month! We couldn’t be happier that we will be part of the menu at the Foothills Hospital! We hope to be in all the Hospitals in Alberta by the end of 2016!  In my opinion, Mr. Porter is the greatest person in Canada.

We are thrilled beyond belief that not only are we still servicing all of our great customers in Calgary,  we are also now in Banff, at Toque; Edmonton, at all the Brewsters; and Airdrie, at Abe’s.

Wow, we’re starting to get the know meat patty across this great province of ours!

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