Happy New Year people!! Or, happy February people!!

Hi Ya people,

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how bad I feel for taking so long to write.  What, with all the real housewives and singing shows that are on TV it makes it hard to do any real work.  Lots has happened and it is high time that we told all of you people so you know the lo down, then, like us, you can keep the information on the lo down and the cycle continues.


We were sad to discontinue the lama bar family. The price of organic almonds was really killing us. We did not want to charge what it actually cost to make them as we would seem like bank robbers – other than Bonnie and Clyde, no one likes bank robbers.

And those crazy know meat patties are really taking off, and why wouldn’t they?  There is nothing like it on the market and you fine people continue to eat them, which was always our master plan.   We realized many things as the know meat patties continued to grow in popularity.  For example, as a small, little company, did you know that you could never sell your food product outside of Alberta?

Well, we found that out.

We  WANT to sell our product outside of Alberta. We want it really bad.  So, we found an incredible co-packer that  makes our know meat patties to our exact specifications and quite frankly, they make it as good as we ever could. Now that  we have a co-packer, we are  HAACP certified and we will be able to now get our product outside of Alberta and across the country- YAY!!!

However, this put us in a bit of a predicament. As we have a co-packer, we don’t actually need our space.  Linda and I tried long and hard to find a co-packer for our ehpizza crustos.  This has proven to be impossible.  WE HAVE FOUND NO COMPANY THAT CAN MAKE OUR EHPIZZA CRUSTOS.  This is a big deal, not just to us, but also to the fine restaurants that have used our product over the years.  With great sadness, we will have to stop making our ehpizza crustos (for the time being).

We want to sincerely thank all of the restaurants and places that have used the ehpizza crustos over the years. These are them:

wopizza.ca Without papers was the first restaurant that came to us about making a gluten free pizza crust.  We have known Angelo and Jesse for a long long time.  In fact, when Angelo and Jesse came up with their first restaurant (Sugo) they invented it in my restaurant. Angelo and Jesse make delicious pizzas, they use quality ingredients and we have LOVED working with them for the past few years!

Beer Revolutions: Beer Revolution came to us years ago and told us that they were looking for a gluten free pizza crust.  I told them that our pizza crusts were the best, they said that they were trying 8 or 12 other gluten free crusts that day. So I said, “Cool, we’re going to win”.  They phoned us and said, “Your crusts won hands down”.  I love Beer Revolution!  They have been nothing but great to us!  They are kind, good people who really put out a phenomenal product.  The staff both front and back of house are excellent and the level of care that they do EVERYTHING is a treat to experience.  Beer Revolution has opened in Edmonton and they literally drive our crusts there to supply the Edmonton Beer Revolution location.  We will sincerely miss dealing with all of  you at Beer Revolution!

Cucina 500 Gennaro approached us initially because his daughter suffers from celiac disease and he had heard about our ehpizza crustos. We are happy that it worked out for both of us as  Cucina 500 is a beautiful restaurant, the staff are lovely and his food is unreal.  Thanks Gennaro for all you have done for Linda and myself!


Bros Dough.  We went after Kirk the day that his place opened up.  Kirk wasn’t even married when we first started dealing with him!  Kirk, his wife Jen and his folks Gus and Vaso are super kind and it was always a real blessing to go to Bros to eat a great pizza!  Thanks for your kindness over the years Kirk.


Murdochs Bar I have known Mike Hope since I had my first restaurant.  Mike opened up Murdochs and has really made it a destination place.  Murdochs uses our ehpizza crustos and know meat patties.  We will still see Mike every so often when we drop off know meat patties and  he will continue to hustle me on his pool tables. Thanks a ton for using the ehpizza crustos over the years my friend!


Yellow Box was our newest pizza place that we acquired. Joel and Liza are super fantastic. They are like wrong kind, and we felt really bad when we could not supply them anymore.

Sunnyside Natural Market When we first met Patty, Joey and Jonathon we knew we hit the right grocery store!  Every single product that we had they took!  Our oneder d’oh, lama bar family, know meat patties and our ehpizza crustos.  I believe that Sunnyside may have some ehpizza crustos left.  Great thanks for the support through all the years.  Gracious thanks from all of us!

Market 17 Alan and Alison have also been really supportive! They were the FIRST grocery store that took people food products.  Thanks for carrying all of our food over the years.  I also believe that they have some ehpizza crustos left, as of today (who knows about tomorrow?).

Amaranth on 4th Oliver is a GOD!  Amaranth has had all of our products as well.  They continue to sell the know meat patties and are a treat to deal with!  The staff is wonderful and we thank you for taking our products!!

Willow Natural Foods Kristy, has always been super kind and nice to us!  She carried the know meat patties and ehpizza crustos.  Her store is a Godsend for Inglewood, you can find great things there and we sure want to thank you for selling our food!


The ehpizza crustos have been one of our longest standing products.  It is with great sadness that we will be unable to make them anymore. Please believe me when I tell you fine people how long and hard we have tried to get these crusts made.  It was always met with a no from everyone that we contacted.  Perhaps one day when there are more gluten free co-packers around we will be able to bring them back, but as of right now, it is not happening.  Please know how much we appreciated dealing with all of these places, they have made us who we are and we are very sad that we have to discontinue making the ehpizza crustos.

On a positive front, people food has been lucky enough to have signed with GFS and Pratts,  We love working with Canadian companies!  We will be going gangbusters working with our two distributors getting our know meat patties across the nation and then some.  This will take up the majority of our time.  We thank all of you who have eaten our food over the years!  Naturally it goes without saying that we are only good if people eat our food and so far, people are eating our food.  Keep an eye out there for our know meat patties, the relaunch of our ehpizza crustos and some of our tried, tested and true people food favorites.


Thanks for reading and thanks for eating!

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