end of lama bar family… for awhile.

Dear everyone;

Hello, brent here from people food. We are posting this to let you know that sadly, we are going to be stopping production on the Lama bar family. WE’RE REALLY SORRY!!  I would be remiss if I did not say how kind it was for all of you people to eat them over the years.

We’re not good at Chemistry and we didn’t know how to add  preservatives or fillers to our food – that kind of became our problem.  Because there are no preservatives and it’s all made of real food the bars will go moldy as food tends to do that.  We wanted the bars to be really fresh and really good for you. We used the finest ingredients we could find and didn’t want to compromise. We were often told that without a shelf life of at least a year, our bars would never sell in any stores. But neither we nor you people listened.  They were a great product to eat and they went over really well.

Unfortunately, the simple cost of organic Almonds has almost quadrupled since we started making our bars (and believe me, each and every ingredient we use has gone up astronomically). They now cost us far too much money to make. If we charged you what it costs us to make -the cost would seem ridiculous to you. Because we only use organic ingredients in our bars we don’t want to compromise in any way. And, as tragic as it seems the outcome is for us to currently stop production of the bars and for our company to focus on our know meat patties and ehpizza crustos.

The bars will stop being made by Sept 15, we encourage you to go to where you get them and preorder as many as you’d like. They freeze like a dream and will last far longer for you if you freeze what you aren’t eating.

You can currently find the lama bar family at the following places:

Sunnyside Natural Market; Market 17; Amaranth on 4th; Willow natural foods; Higher Ground; Bumpy’s Cafe; Little Monday Cafe, Foothills Hospital; Healthfare restaurant at Westside Rec Center; Carnmoney golf and Country Club; Priddis Greens; Heritage Pointe; Elbow Springs; Willow Park golf and Country Club;  and Lynx Ridge.
We hope you’ll understand, thank you kindly for embracing the bars over the years.


Please know if we are ever able to bring them back I assure you we will!

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