hi ya people, happy Spring!

Hello to my millions of followers.  I believe on our last tally people food has almost thirty (30) people who follow us. That’s pretty close to a million in my head.  Remember, i give 110% all the time.  i’m mathematically impossible.


That was a long hard winter people.  Hard pressed not to be affected by it.  It is a treat to live in oil and gas country and have all those who work in the field tell you that there is no such thing as global warming. These same people are kind enough to tell me this as they get ready to go on their vacations.  I know, i know, it’s a lot of hard work that they do, thank god they get paid accordingly.  Those poor executives have a hard enough time trying to find a nanny that can raise their lovely children.  Every company that we deal with was affected by the weather in some way or another and until otherwise specified, that will always be the way it is.  Speaking of oil and gas, i believe my next company will be something that involves just being able to change the price of whatever i sell, similar to gasoline – at any given day without any notice just to make more money (it’s the right thing to do).  Imagine:



We have a lot of new clients as of the new year which i will try to update on this webpage.  Here are a few of them:

OEB.  Healthfare cafe in WestSide Rec Center.  Red’s Diner.  The Loop. Foothills Hospital.  Little Monday Cafe.  Willow Natural Foods.  Ship and Anchor.  Bridgeland Grocery. Bumpy’s Cafe.


We are thrilled to have our food at each of these places!  Keep eating, keep smiling, and try to be happy.

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