new lama bar size, new lama bar and finally, mostly vegan is explained

Happy New Year!! 


I mean if I wrote that a week ago, I would look like an idiot.  Remember people, time is your friend. 


Well, we wanted to give you an update as to what is happening at the ‘ol people food shoppe.  For starters we noticed that there are quite a few bars on the market.  Although there are no bars that have ingredients like the Lama bar family, one thing was clear to us; all the bars we saw were 50g.  So, we thought long and hard and decided to change the size of the Lama bar family.  Now, all the Lama bars: bananaLama, Lama, sweet dolly Lama and Snoopy, Lucy, Lama are all 50g.


We also have changed the Lama bar.  Not entirely, but enough to make a difference.  Not sure if you’ve noticed but, because we use real food in all of our products, our food doesn’t last for years – I’m sure all of you are aware of this, but check out the shelf life of most of the bars that are out there, most of them will last a year to a year and a half.  WELL, THAT’S NOT US.  However, the Lama bar’s shelf life was the shortest so we tampered with it a bit.  We have removed the roasted acorn squash and so far we have noticed that the shelf life is better than it used to be.  We sure hope you like the new Lama bar. 


Last, I wanted to address something on our label: MOSTLY VEGAN.  We started making the Lama bar for me to eat on the golf course, then a good friend of mine Keith Stappleton suffered a heart attack and switched his eating habits to Vegan.  So, the Lama bar was the first thing we made that was Vegan.  We were lucky enough to have Stephanie from Vegan Calgary write in to us to let us know that we can not call our food Vegan as we use honey.  You see, Vegan’s believe that humans enslave bees and therefore honey is as incorrect as milk or eggs.  Technically, our food is mostly Vegan, however ethically you may be challenged (honestly, we thought the bees liked making honey).  We hope that you can choose with your heart as to what you need to do.   Keith was ok with the honey and just happy to eat our bars on the golf course and ski slopes.

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