i’m not saying fat people make bad decisions, but look at Rob Ford.

It’s been so long since I have written a post – I think I forgot how to type.

My last post was about the end of pies – from us. Don’t get me wrong, Pi will always exist, but our pie is done. If you see a people food pie or a slice of one, don’t panic- but take pause, you will not see their kind as time ticks on.

We are slowly but surely taking over the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s happening, but it takes time – there are far more people on this earth than I previously thought and, it takes a while to reach them (Canada post is doing a bang up job!!).

Of course we couldn’t be doing any of this without you people – or; you people’s faces, to be more specific. After all, we can’t make your mouths eat our food, but we can make the food for your mouths (see how tricky all of this is?).

We are going to be changing our labels and the size of our bars in the near future.  This, I’m sure doesn’t sound exciting to you, but for Linda and I it was like six or seven flags fun!  Soon, all our bars will all be a 50g size (like the sweet dolly Lama) which means that our cost for the bars will be going down; making the Lama bar family far more likely to find your mouth.  It’s all about the food to mouth ratio.

We are also changing up the Lama bar a bit; it’s going to be RAW. No ingredients are cooked!  This is the first of its kind at people food.  So far (at our expense) we have had food experts, Chris Marcil from Calgary’s famed Parkhill and Keith Stappelton Esquire, try the bar and they both gave it a thumbs up (the highest award a Lama bar can achieve!!!).

So, those are some of the new changes that are happening here at people food.  I can’t wait to read all the hundreds of comments that are all spam related and have nothing to do with what I wrote.  Thanks to all of you who do that.


people food. Just eat it.

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