there is an end to 3.14


Hello to the millions of people who now follow us on the facebook and the chirping birdie thingy (at last count we’re up to almost 317 people). That means we’re super close to the millions that are following us in my head.  So, we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.


Well, it’s high time I told you people just why we are eliminating our pies. When we started our company back in 2010, not many people knew much about gluten. So, we were thought of as “strange”, but amidst all the eye-rolling we persevered and over the years have created the following for your dinning pleasure: babycakes- 8 varieties, muffins- 6 varieties, cheese buns- 3 varieties, cookies- 7 varieties, peppermint paddies, bread- 13 varieties, perogies- 6 varieties, doughnuts, jimbits, cinnamon buns, croissants, brownies, memories of Durban cookies, biscuits, raisin squares, date squares, some mores, we says peanut butter bars, score bars, lazy daisy cakes, banana chocolate loaves and twinkie the fellow; to name a few. Some of you fine people may remember each one of those items.  I remember them and say with confidence that they were all fantastic and as good if not better than their gluten counterparts.


However, with time, we realized that just because we are able to make those delicious baked goods, does not mean that we should.  We took note when you make gluten free food, there is an expectation that comes along with making “treats”. In order to create gluten-free baked goods that are “melt in your mouth”, “flaky”, “light & delicious”, we would have to use a great deal of white sugar, white flours & a variety of fillers. We don’t and won’t become a company that just peddles a different sugar product.  We are people food, not people desserts.


The ehpizza crusto was our first attempt at making food that was casein free, vegan and gluten free.  We didn’t realize then what a difference our food could make with people suffering from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) and what an impact our food will have on people in the future.  We wanted to make food that was different; food that is remarkable for your body. We found we were/are becoming less interested in making food taste as good as its gluten counterpart because, as we’ve learned over the years, it’s not real food. We can impact and help far more people if we make the majority of our food gluten free, casein free and vegan. Ultimately our food is actually food which (through our research) turns out is better for people who are human.


Frankly, we are not comfortable making food that has a substantial amount of sugar and dairy.  In an odd way, the sugar and dairy are some of the only products that we feel in the future, people will have less and less control over where these items come from.  Plus, once we understood how beneficial our food has become for those suffering from ASD (autistic spectrum disorders) we feel it is contradictory to promote some of our food as casein free when we still make pies that are primarily made up of dairy.


So, for the time being the great folks at Dairy Lane and Blue Star Diner will have our pies, which gives you people time to get your fill.  As well, the super people over at Market 17 will be the only grocery store in the city that sells our pies.  They freeze like a dream and will last for at least 3 months.  This is a great deal of heads up for all of you 3.14 lovers out there! When we stopped making our perogies there was nowhere near this kind of hoopla.  Tons of notice for all of you!!! Go to Dairy Lane, Blue Star Diner or Market 17; have yourself a pie now and brag to your friends that you were around to remember the people food pies of yore.






Here is some light reading on the subject of diet and ASD.




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