Press Release!!!!! know meat patties are changing from 3oz to 4oz!!!!

Press release!!!  

Dear people,

the know meat patties are going up in size!  This is the press release!!  Actually, to be more specific: we have a press for making the know meat patties and the release broke, making the press literally release from it’s hinges.


The know meat patties are going from 3oz to a  4oz size.  We are confident our new patty press will not break and our patties will continue to look like this from now on.  Please don’t give the grocery stores any grief for raising the price, they were strong armed by us to take them, and being bitter will not help any.


Eat our food, feel better.

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  1. Obviously these charlatans are generally interested in selling ebooks and ridding your system of your money above all else.

    • hi 2 day diet lingzhi. Thanks for posting your reply about my article. I have rarely read something that not only explains what I was trying to say to the lay person, but has such a warmth and grace about it.
      Good luck with your 2 day diet: that is how we think here as well – 2 day diet, it even sounds healthy.