we no longer make gluten free food (keep reading or you’ll miss the point)

Sure, I posted this awhile ago, but it is as current today as it was all those months back.


So sorry to scare all of you, but the fact is we are no longer making gluten free food.  We got word from the Government of Canada, I think his name was Gary… Gary Government – or something like that.  Anyhoo, the government sent us an email stating that there are oats in our food and therefore we are not allowed to call it gluten free.  Assuming it was a joke, we had to inquire. I know of no one who gets as sick as I do from food, trust me when I tell you, our food won’t make you sick (this was the idea).

I phoned the CEO of Only Oats (the company we exclusively use for our oats).  Oats, as I am sure many of you know has no gluten.  It is how oats are milled and processed that makes them bad for a celiac.  The CEO was in Toronto arguing against Health Canada about this very issue.  I then phoned Dale Richardson who is the marketing director at Only Oats. He informed me how gluten would never be found in their oats; how they know the specific farmers that have farmed the oats; how it seems the world knows that oats done properly are as safe as can be however, the Canadian government does not know this yet.  Oddly, Dale was mentioning that Only Oats are being widely accepted all over the world (Scotland, China), but here, where it is farmed, made, processed – our government is forcing the companies comply with their incorrectness.


Not being a boat rocker, we decided to start another new trend in food.  So as of this very moment, our food is now the EXACT SAME!  NONE OF OUR FOOD HAS CHANGED, but we are no longer able to call it gluten free (thank god the government is here to once again tell us what is healthy).  I am allowed to call it wheat free.  Wheat free – HA! What a joke.  We make food that can feed me: the worst celiac I know, so therefore, our food will now be known as Celiac friendly.  You heard it here first kids.  I have the rights to the name, so even if the food thing doesn’t work out, we can always sue the bejesus out of some fat cat company in the future that uses celiac friendly.


Thank you for your time.


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