the end of summer as i know it.

hello people.   It is the end of August, the PGA has been played – it’s the end of summer as i know it.  jane is doing all she can to avoid the law; kids nowadays are all about the Beibers and Perrys and Jepsons, so it is very hard to get through to them.  jane spends most of her time playing “let’s watch Rob Anders sleep”, (she says it’s easier than you would think).

Well, we have had a number of people ask us,  “what is with all the Casein free items?”  (That and why i no longer model.)  i am sure that you people know this already, but i love to type and this is a great forum for answering questions.  We started doing Casein Free items (pizza crusts, know meat burgers and Lama bars) because we didn’t see much out there in the way of Casein free food.  Casein is a protein that is inherently found in milk.  Casein has an opioid effect on the brain.  Casein, when ingested is very hard to deal with if you suffer from Autism or ADD.  Removing Casein from an autistic child’s diet is like a celiac removing wheat…  Try the know meat burgers or the pizza crusts or the Lama bars.  your body will feel great!


We are going to continue to improve the food that we make for you, that is really the goal of this company.


If this company fails, i may then reconsider my modeling career – as you can imagine, either way i’ll come out smelling like a rose.  However, if the truth was told, i would rather make food.

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  1. Yui

    Hi Kati-Yes, it is really diiufcflt to be 100%GF on a deployment. I’ve definitely lost some weight (which necessarily isn’t a bad thing) but I know some of it will be gained when I get back b/c this isn’t my normal nor would I want it to be. I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, fish, veggies and rice. I’ve learned through trial and error to stay away from anything that has a sauce base, baked beans and instant mashed potatoes. Breakfasts are the worst. Tell your friend to bring GF oatmeal b/c eggs everyday gets old real fast!

  2. Hello Yui,
    I am not sure where you are deployed but it sounds like you are eating the way every human should eat. Good luck on staying with the diet, thank you for writing in.