what we are up to again… look we keep morphing, what can i tell you?

Hello people.  We consistently get thousands of calls and e mails a day wondering just what it is that we are currently up to.   So many people following us it’s staggering – at last count we have surpassed that Kutcher feller.

We have closed down our retail location.  It is tragic and sad, knowing that people look for the ultimate in cool and design when it comes to making food.  We spent hundreds of millions on renovating our place – and still, very few people would stop by.  We (I) dressed in skimpy clothing (making myself a poor example for my daughter) trying to encourage people to come in. That also didn’t work.  We were at our wit’s end – so we had to take a stand.

Truthfully, it’s a tricky thing to open a place- to be the people who: come up with recipes;  get supplies; make the food; have time with our family; have our store open for retail that suits the needs of everyday people and to deliver our products to various locations is a very difficult task.  We feel confident that very few companies are doing what we are doing.  To my knowledge the only other restaurant or producer that uses Kangen water like we do is Tojo in Vancouver.  I imagine that a filtration system that is close to $5000 is too much to spend on water for some.  For us, it is essential.  We continually soak every product we can in that water. The more food we can soak for you, the better you will feel.  We are easily able to remove all pesticides from the food we make for you.  We simply could not eat food any other way.  This is why, when you people eat our food, you may not know why you feel so good after, but we know- that is why we do this. Previously, you may have had reactions to certain foods, but it could be the pesticides that they spray on the food that makes you feel ill.

We are now in a host of great stores and restaurants over the city and province.  We are happy to grow with more companies and are very happy to supply our customers (Amaranth, Market 17, Bite Groceteria, WithOut Papers pizza, Sugo, Dairy Lane Café, Blue Star Diner and Beer Revolution).  We learned that it is far easier for you people to go to places all over the city to get our food, than to force you to only come here.

We are happy to perfect our products here at the store; very soon our veggie burger will be launched.  This, like everything else we do is a monumental achievement.  We checked out some veggie burgers at the grocery store and honestly couldn’t believe what “things” are in there.  Half of the ingredients we didn’t know what they were- and we make food for a living! Please know that if we make you something, we make EVERY SINGLE THING HERE. Our veggie burger is GF, CF, and Vegan. We do not add any additives or fillers because -we think it’s wrong.  I personally don’t want to eat it, so I am not going to make it and feed it to you.

Since we opened, we have spent a lot of time perfecting our items.  When you eat something made by people food, you will notice that it is different – that’s our purpose.  Be thankful that you are in Calgary and you get first dibs on a better food that previously didn’t exist. We are not interested in making things such as buns, or other items that would include lots of white sugars and white flours. We are interested in making food that will physically make a difference on how you feel. Seek out our oneder d’oh bread, pizza crusts, lama bars, score bars, pies, and veggie burgers. It is the best food you can put in your body.

We hope you get a chance to visit our fine customers and try anything made by people food.  To those of you who have left comments before, I really appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and for eating.

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  1. Fern Davis

    Hey, I was watching the real house wives of Vancouver and they went to Tojo in Vancouver! Your food is worth seeking out!! I would travel and have travelled to great legnths to find your food – it’s totally worth it! Your website and facebook entries are amusing, thanks for making the food you do.

  2. Hello people food! Okay, I totally saw Tojos on RHOV too! OMG I can’t wait to check that place out! I’ll be in Van for the long weekend and will be flying out of Calgary and have a 4 hour layover. I’ll be close enough to WithOutPapers Pizza and can’t wait to try the gf crust and a piece of pie!!!!!! I’ll also be asking Tojo about his special ‘Japanese mineral water’ he was serving the ladies with their hot sake. Thank you people food. We need you around to let us know what’s going on outside of our bubbles!!!

  3. I love you guys so much and I am so proud of you for all that you stand for. I will continue to eat your food forever but I am sad that I can’t eat it sitting in my underwear in my living room. I shall have to go out for dinner in my underwear from now on.

    Much Love
    (A Freaking Celiac)

  4. Fern, Julia, I have not seen the show, but that is too funny that the restaurant was on the show. Thanks for writing in and saying what you said.
    Laurie, always happy to see your name anywhere! Hope you are keeping well, stop by for some water sometime!

  5. This article is presently what did you say? I need, thank you.

  6. Have you given any consideration at all with translating your current site in to French? I know a several of translaters right here that will would help you do it for no cost if you wanna get in touch with me.

  7. Hello Niko,
    You are asking me if we would like to have our current site translated to French at no cost to us. Here’s what I have to say about that: Oui! i will be in touch, thank you for writing in!