know meat burger

hello people, i am so excited for what we made, i just had to post about it.

we were asked by our dear friends at Blue Star Diner & Dairy Lane and Sugo about creating a veggie burger.  We never wanted to tackle the famed veggie burger as how does one take on a giant like Yves?   we then looked at  ingredients to veggie burgers at grocery stores and that’s when we knew we were in trouble.  i only took Chem 10/20 in high school (more of biology and physics guy) linda has her high school Chemestry, but honestly we had no idea how to manufacture the chemicals that are used to “preserve” the veggie looking things.

we had to take the low road and create something that had no fancy schmancy names. tragically we simply couldn’t afford to do this to you: we literally couldn’t afford the chemicals and i didn’t want to make you ill.

we put things from all over the world in this burger, oh sure, we couldn’t put the chemicals (preservatives) in there but we could make it a melting pot of goodness from all over the globe.  our know meat burger has: lentils, yellow split peas, onions, green onions, organic brown rice, sunflower seeds, acorn squash, butternut squash, toasted sesame seeds, carrots,  flax seed, garlic, ginger and jari curry spice.

it looks like this:

know meat burger

this is our newest creation and that is why it gets it’s own post.   this will be ideal for celiacs, those who suffer from Autism, Vegans, and most of all: people.

This will be launched at market 17’s  one year anniversary on May 26th 2012.

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