Know where your food comes from

Know where your food comes from

Although it couldn’t happen fast enough for our liking, there is no denying that it is getting easier to find healthy food choices in our fair city.  In order to do what we do here, we need to do a fair bit of travelling to source our ingredients.  While driving around the city is never fun (unless you have a sing-along), the bonus is that we have gotten to meet some very cool and knowledgable people along the way.

Kingsland Farmer’s Market:  great great place, tons of cool vendors.  Notably for us:  Lorne the nut guy, Ken and Darren from Noble Meadows Farm (unreal eggs), and Rob of Daniella–the dean (or should we say don) of gluten free pasta.  It’s great if you are already trying to buy local and make healthier choices, but we would like to challenge you to talk to and get to know the people who make these options available.  They are understandably proud of what they do, and we learn something new about food, food production and the rules that govern it each and every time we have the pleasure.  Oh, and we can’t forget the good people at Amaranth–very very kind and helpful.

Remember folks, the more of us that buy these products, the cheaper they will become.  Look how well it worked for fast food chains.  Of course when they were establishing themselves, nobody really knew that their food was making us sick.  Here is the best link I could find, if you are curious about where Canada ranks in the world in terms of fast food consumption.

If we haven’t already, we hope to meet you some day.

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