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Now Read This

Actually this post has nothing to do with the Stampede, but got your attention didn’t we?  Please accept this lol cat by way of an apology.  A little known fact:  Hitler was a big fan of chuckwagon racing.

Anyhoo, or yahoo, I just wanted to give you a little update on how things are going here.  Starting a new business, as some of you may know, is a tricky thing.  We have only been open since December, but since that time, we have undergone a lot of changes in an effort to figure out how to best serve our customers.  There have been some frustrating days–days where it seemed like very few people were getting what we are trying to do.  But I’m proud to say that, through it all, we have stuck to our philosophy: that people want to, and really actually deserve to know where their food comes from, and our goal: to make gluten free food taste like food should taste.

Soooooo, we would like to Thank ALL of our customers who made it possible, as well as give a special thank you to Annamarie Bergen and Lee-Ann Hawkins, who saw fit to write about us in the kindest way.  Thanks for supporting us.

Now, lest we get all mushy, lets fire up the laugh app with a clip from the wonderful movie say anything, which 3 of the 7 staff/owners at people food are old enough to remember.  Lloyd’s rant is kind of how we feel about processed food, and his desire to be with Ione Skye is shared by 1 of 7 of the people food people.  Enjoy!

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