the choice is yours

the choice is yours

Seeing a horror story like this makes us even more grateful for the amazing work being done by Anne and Wayne Wikkerink at Pura Vida farms.  Trust me, these folks care about their animals.  I’ve seen it first hand, and unless there was some secret underground laboratory where cows were being experimented on, or a cockfighting ring in the barn, this livestock was as happy as could be. 

Having said that, I almost feel hypocritical saying we just got a shipment of rib eyes and striploins in from PV…almost.   So if you want to get in a bbq before it snows again, c’mon over and pick up the best meat in AB.  And if you don’t feel like cooking, our prepared dishes contain only the highest quality meat (and veg) in the kingdom.  Peace.

Update:  this just gets better and better.

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