globesteak, soup and propaganda

Well it has been a hectic start to the week here at people food.  Having lost the meatball throwdown, I had to watch as Gram’s Globesteaks went into production; and promptly sold out.  Rats.  Like chefs aren’t arrogant enough already.  We have a new mushroom soup that you need to try as well.  According to Brent and Linda, globesteak simmered in this soup is something else.  “Think Campbells, but well, good,  and made from whole food,” to paraphrase Brent.  We encourage people to play with our food,  just so long as they pay for it first. 

Tomorrow Landon will be making a fresh batch of tommy sauce.  Also, more globesteak.  By the way, if you can guess the secret ingredient that makes them so special, there just might be something in it for you.  But its really hard to see into our kitchen, so put your thinking caps on folks!

Finally, to those of you who don’t follow us on facebook,  its 2011 so put down your texas instrument for the love of… No, I’m just going to post what Brent wrote for y’all:

Michael Pollan is on Oprah, please watch him. Michael Pollan is the quintesstial authority on anything involving food. WE THINK he is as bright as it gets with food.

Oprah is short for Oprah Winfrey she doesn’t tackle hard issues like who your daddy is, but give her a try.    However, this Oprah has some traction and the networks may sign her for another season if she can somehow boost her ratings (television talk). So give her a try remember, her show is call Oprah, that’s how it will appear on the tv guide.

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