An exciting new friendship for people food

Well we just couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with Pura Vida farm.   We will be cooking our people food dishes with their amazing poultry and beef, as well as selling their ground beef and whole chickens on site.  This is pasture raised grass finished Angus beef folks, sans hormones, antibiotics or grain.  As a side note, apparently these cows were getting close to a unified theory before we had to go and well–eat them.

And the free run chickens, well let me tell you: take away the hormones, antibiotics and animal by-product buffet and these birds almost had a comprehensible royalty scheme put together for Alberta’s petroleum industry before well, you know.

This is a quote from farmer Wayne Wikkerink of Pura Vida:  “Each animal has the animal id number on it, so we can trace the cut of meat right back to the animal and the second it was born.  Chances are my wife Anna or myself were present during birth!!”   

Wow.  We like and respect what these people are doing a lot, and hope to work even closer with them in the future.  Please stay posted…

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