Landon declared winner, Maskatron unmasked

Bare with us for a minute while I attempt to try to explain what we are doing today.
We are taking beef and rolling them into a sphere (think earth, but smaller). Once these spheres or “mini sun planets” are completed they go in a heating device where they “cook”.  Once completed, they are able to go on a whole whack of t…hings.
If possible, if there are people out there who can try to help us name these mini sun planets of meat it would sure help out. One little child came in and said, “look meatballs!!”  

“Meatballs, what a funny word” I told the child.  Anyhoo, some help with the name would be nice.


After some initial confusion ^^, we figured out that what we were doing was having a meatball throwdown (really it was just an excuse to get our hands in some Alberta beef and play around).  A big thanks to our neighbours at Spruce Center for helping out as judges.  Congratulations Landon.  Till next time…


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